Q. Can beginners attend regular classes?

Yes.  All classes are "beginners classes" and are open to all.  Beginners can also try one-to-one tuition with one of our instructors before coming along to class to join in the fun.

Q. Do I have to sign up to a Membership?

No, we don't run memberships.

Q. Is there a grading system like the black belt system for your tai chi?

No.  We do have a complete system of tai chi though, and a syllabus (details to follow)  We recognise when our students reach a certain level in a very respectful way though; as they can become 'Inside The Door' Students to our Master - Dan Docherty.  These students will have to have met certain criteria.  These students are offered the opportunity to undergo the deeper training of nei gung.

Q. If you don't 'grade' how can you 'measure' your tai chi/martial art?

There are several ways this can be answered, there are internal and external feedback mechanisms - can you do the form -  - do you know what the application is? to the other end of the spectrum - do you want to compete at competition level?

We also encourage students to attend outside class environment training i.e., we invite students to attend seminars with teachers both in and beyond our lineage.  We attend seminars and camps with Master Dan, Bob Burke and others.

Q. Can tai chi show me special healing abilities or 'chi'?

This is a very deep subject!  Simple answer: not if you need it to be 'special'!  Second answer - the 'chi' of tai chi is not the same as the healing energy 'chi.'  However it is not uncommon for people to feel all kinds of heat, energy, warmth and tingling from the exercises and chi gong we do in class.  The simple truth is come along and find out for yourself.

Q. Do I have to buy a uniform/outfit?

No. Just wear comfortable clothing that you can bend/stretch in.  Wear comfortable trainers or soft-soled trainer-type footwear.  Some students buy special tai chi footwear but this isn't necessary.

If you have any other questions please Contact us